Running EXO Kris
Annyeong! Welcome to Running EXO-M! This blog is dedicated to EXO-M's leader, Kris. We ONLY post pictures of EXO members (mostly EXO-M & of little of EXO-K). All the pictures I post are either my edits or pictures from chinese fan sites. Feel free to ask questions anytime, go to navi for specifics:) We are one, it's time to stick together! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ UPDATE: I'm back until Kris and SM makes a legitimate decision... I will try my best to post the most recent (CREDIBLE) news as fast as I can. If you want rumors and gossip about Kris, you should unfollow me right now.

Running EXO Kris

 16/ 200 pictures of Monsieur Wufan
 16/ 200 pictures of Monsieur Wufan 

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the maknaes

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How ‘half-50-years-old-hyung’ takes care of his skin

How much do you wanna bet chen chuckled because-

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someone call the doctor.

someone call the doctor.

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Basically, he does nothing, but I can’t help it  (>‿♥)

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Tao’s sword performance at EXO first concert “the lost planet

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The thought of having to perform at the concert without Kris as only 11 members, confused and worried us.

Chanyeol at todays LOST PLANET press conference (source)  (via sehwun)

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